has moved to

After a few years of blogging on (, I am moving to I hope you visit the new site and sign up for notifications.

I am moving because, unfortunately, sucks. I experimented with Google it is better than does, but also mostly sucks. Fortunately, I discovered static web sites (see

I focus on population health, data science, and lean (Toyota Production System) from a leader-practitioner perspective. I hope to recruit some methodologists to blog on basic programming for data science.

Thanks for following me!

With HUGE gratitude,


One thought on “ has moved to

  1. Very Best of Luck!! And thanks for the tip re Google blogger. I’ve been a health professional and University Professor for several decades (not saying how many!) with my main focus on consumer behavior, knowledge and adherence…….which then ties with how to improve the system AND individual health care providers for the betterment of individual patient’s health AND socioecomic implications. I should say too I feel strongly that communication and application of research in this area can be significantly improved. About to start down that lane very soon!

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